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Medical Students Attend Fertility Care Professionals Meeting

Aug. 13, 2013

Students studying to become doctors were among those who attended the annual conference of the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals last week. The Aug. 7-10 event was held in New Orleans, with the theme "New Hope New Life New Orleans." This was the group's 32nd annual conference, and some 300 people attended. A line-up of speakers aimed to enhance the knowledge of FertilityCare Practitioners, nurses, physicians, other health care professionals and clergy by addressing a variety of topics relevant to the Creighton Model of NFP, NaPro Technology, natural methods of fertility regulation and allied fields.

The retired archbishop of New Orleans, Archbishop Alfred Hughes, suggested to the participants that their endeavors parallel in some sense the efforts of Pope John Paul II to propose an alternate vision to what was accepted by society of his time. "He proposed Christian solidarity in the face of atheistic socialism. He proposed a Church committed to human rights as an alternative to a totalitarian state. He proposed an understanding of the human body, rooted in God’s creation while remaining realistic about the original fall from grace, but renewed and elevated by redemption in the face of materialistic and hedonistic treatment of the body," Archbishop Hughes noted. "Eventually, this alternative vision, founded in truth, contributed to the collapse of communism in Poland and Eastern Europe."


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