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Vatican - Lourdes Miracle of Tumour Sufferer Approved

July 23, 2013

The Vatican approved of a miracle at the holy shrine of Lourdes 24 years after it took place. Danila Castelli was miraculously healed following immersion in holy water at the world famous pilgrimage sanctuary. She became the 69th person to undergo a miraculous transformation in her health.

At the age of 34, she fell ill with high blood pressure and later developed a tumour. She went to see experts in America for help, but while there Castelli was inspired to go to Lourdes, where she bathed in the waters. Catholics believe that Lourdes is the place where the Virgin Mary revealed herself to St Bernadette.  Castelli, now 67, has remained healthy and there has been no decline in her recovery, which has been medically scrutinized.

A committee in her home town in liaison with the Vatican took this final decision. Doctor Alessandro de Franciscis, head of the 100 member medical bureau confirmed Castelli's case a miracle. "This lady was judged, indeed certified cured in a way unexplained by current medical scientific knowledge," Dr. de Franciscis stated.

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