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Synod document must be adapted to needs of Asian youth

Nov. 1, 2018

As the synod on young people drew to a close, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, the archbishop of Mumbai, spoke to America not only about that event and the issues discussed but also about his own plans to adapt the synod process in the church in India—the country with the largest number of young people in the world, 600 million under the age of 25.

While the 73-year-old cardinal has attended many synods over the years, this one made him feel “very happy.” He said it was “a wonderful experience,” especially because of the presence of 36 young people from all continents.

“They fully participated as youth,” he said. “They were yelling; they were happy; their presence was made felt. They had no inhibitions about saying what they felt. I think they also gave us an insight into the mind and the world of the youth and their aspirations, their joys, their hopes for the church and their generosity for the church, which is much more than we anticipated, though, of course, this was a special group.”

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