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A short stature, beaming smile and energy for miles to go- that’s Cledwyn Mathias ! This ball of energy from the lanes of Khar has today been elected as the National Vice-President of the ICYM.

This ‘chota packet – bada dhamaka’ as he is often called began his youth ministry at a very young age in the youth group of St. Vincent De Paul, Khar. Noticing his natural zeal and love for the Youth Ministry, Cledwyn was elected as the Head of the Bandra Deanery Youth group and simultaneously became a part of the Diocesan Youth Council, a team of elected representatives from different parts of Bombay. While in the DYC, Cledwyn’s ability to energize a crowd and conduct action songs & games remains unmatched. While acquiring these skills, Cledwyn grew from a shy young boy to a confident, assertive leader leading to him being eventually elected as the Vice-President of the DYC in 2016.

Post his stint as Vice-President, the DYC still felt he had so much more to offer and he was given a chance to contest elections at the Regional level. Cledwyn not only outshone himself at these elections, he was elected to the post of Male Representative allowing him to contest for the National Elections. Without having to say so, he excelled here too and at the National Elections held in Bangalore in January this year, he was elected as the National Vice-President of the ICYM.

Cledwyn’ s journey is the perfect example of how being a part of the Youth Ministry allows one to give Christ to others as well as to experience the Christ within each of us. There is no doubt that Cledwyn’s unfailing faith, humility and hard work are what got him to this position.

We thank the Lord for the gift of Cledwyn who has touched many a youth with his work and we ask for continuous blessings on him and the youth he will encounter. We know, in unfailing surety, that he will succeed.



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