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A Rosary of balloons floated high into the sky on Sunday morning over youth from across the Archdiocese of Bombay gathered outside the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Bandra, in solidarity with the Synod of Bishops currently taking place in Rome.

Synodgy 2018 - celebrating the voice of the youth in the Church - was inaugurated by Bishop Barthol Barretto. The praying of the Rosary during the procession to Apostolic Carmel Convent, highlighting the importance of this prayer for the youth, began with the Glorious Mysteries, emphasized through a retelling of the classic tale of the hare and tortoise. The tortoise was delayed because he stopped to help others along the way, showing compassion and gratitude where the hare had none. At the end of the race - a symbol of the journey of life - the tortoise was welcomed at the gates of heaven; an analogy about how what matters most is our journey, not just the destination. After the procession, a joyful march of young people convened at St Andrew’s Auditorium, where they were welcomed with a video tracing the journey of young people and the Church, and a message from Oswald Cardinal Gracias, followed by Mass celebrated by Bishop Barthol.

The program included a cultural performance by the youth of Bhayandar Deanery, a visual portrayal about finding the light inside each of us directed by Carl Mendes, and closed with the Synod prayer and a rousing performance of ‘I am Catholic, I am Alive’ led by Dominique Cerejo.


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