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Celebrate Lent - Palm Sunday

Holy Week - from Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to His crucifixion at Calvary on Good Friday - is the most sacred time in the Church calendar. While we may not be able to participate in the services, as in previous years, we can use creative ways within our own homes, to observe these holy days.

Download the Palm leaf template, click here:

Palm - Outline
Download PDF • 853KB

Palm - Outline with Color
Download PDF • 864KB

Note: Participants are requested to download either of the options provided for the palm leaf template. If using the outline, remember to colour the palm leaf green.


  1. Participation is open to Catholics across all age groups.

  2. If using the outline, remember to colour the palm leaf green.

  3. Please make sure that submitted images are High Resolution, in either portrait or landscape orientation mode.

  4. E-mail your photos to with the subject line ‘Celebrate Lent – Palm Sunday’.

  5. Make sure to include your Name, Parish, and Social Media Handles in the email. (so that we can tag and credit you on Social Media)

  6. Any indecent representation of the faith shall not be entertained.

  7. Photographs, once submitted, will become the property of the AMCF-Catholic Communication Centre, who reserve the right to select, edit, use and share the pictures from all submissions.


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