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1. Is it necessary to have an engagement before marriage?

The CCBI has not enacted any particular law for engagement before marriage, but has left the matter of engagement to the existing practices or to the local customs of the community or tribe, provided, in the judgement of the Diocesan Bishop or the Regional Episcopal Conference, these are acceptable to the Church.

2. What is to be done if one party wants to break up an engagement and the other party is not in favour?

To break up an engagement, the consent of both parties is not necessary. No one can force a person to enter into a marriage against his/her will. However, the priest concerned should take in writing, from the party, that he/she wants to break the engagement and state the reasons for the same. The other party should be informed about it. The party who wants to break the engagement should be cautioned about the civil consequences of breaking the engagement and the damages that he/she might have to pay. The party should also be advised about the demands of natural justice - if he/she is breaking the engagement without sufficient reason, he/she should compensate the other party in some way.


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