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Marathi Reflection - SFX Vile Parle - October 24, 2023

Fr. Itur Hendrick began with the hymn “Pavitra Atma Ye “… …. Welcoming Jesus …. He asked all to leave everything with Jesus reminding us that Jesus has changed a lot of things for us. Let us surrender ourselves to Jesus as we journey together to learn to listen and to love.

1. We began with an Action Song: I have changed

Chorus: “Kashi badaleli mi …. (3).

-. Jevan Yesu javal aalii …….

- maramari so dun dili….

- khotardepana………so dun dila….

- nindha-nalasthi so dun dili…

- jevan Yesu javaal aalii.”

Leave all that holds you back and be the light to bring the change. He gave an example from the great poet Rabindranath Tagore’s poem – The Setting Sun. The setting Sun asked a question to the moon and the stars – “Mi gelya nantar ya jagala prakash kon de ill? Who will give light to the World when I set?’’. The moon and the stars bowed their heads as they had no answer, but the little lamp made of mud –(Panthi) –The Diya came forward and said, “I shall try and do my best to give light to the world.” Similarly, we also have to be the little lamp and be the Guiding Light to the world around us, our children, our family, our neighbours, and all. Though your light – (your husband) has gone – you stood there giving light to your family. You have done a lot for all, travelled a lot, remember you need to change, leave the past and make a new beginning.

2. Self- realisation: While on this journey, you have done many things for all. Learn to realize how worthy you are. Genesis 2- 18-24 states God created you after much thought – WHY? Because – You are special – you can function, think, handle all kinds of situations, shoulder all responsibilities. BUT …YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR WORTH ….

Simplifying this verse, he gave an example of a BICYCLE…. Life is a bicycle, and family life is also like the 2 wheels of the bicycle. The front wheel represents the husband and the rear wheel the wife. The chain, the carrier, the lock, the seat etc are all connected to the rear wheel. Why? Because it’s the rear wheel that is important. It carries all the burden – like you have done, going through all the hardships, every day challenges and yet being strong. We need to thank God for making us strong, special, not shed tears but rejoice and spread the light of happiness. Learn from your experiences, listen to your inner voice, learn to travel with your own self, don’t depend on anyone and change for the better. Be happy with what you have. Don’t run after material pleasures. Learn to rejoice in the Lord.

Ask yourself a question –Why do I work? Do I work to live with happiness or for happiness? You have spent your life serving others, now live for yourself. Believe that you have a heart of Jesus and continue your journey to learn, to listen and to love.

The choir rendered some soulful music which set the right scene. More than 200 members from 23 parishes attended the Recollection. Ingrid Dsouza, gave the vote of thanks. With a happy heart and delicious lunch, the members proceeded to embark on a journey to live life Listen, Learn and Love.

As recorded by:

Rosalinda D’Souza

Vice President

Hope & Life Association


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