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The following prayer is to be recited at every Mass from Fri 22 Feb to Sun 3 March 2019.


Priest: God our Father, come to our aid!

People: Lord Jesus Christ, Word-made-flesh, make haste to help us!

Priest: God the Holy Spirit, our Lord and Giver of Life, help us to experience new life daily through God’s word

ALL: O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father, you enlighten the hearts of Your children by the power of Your Holy Spirit, grant that we may show a deep love and relish for the Word of God, and experience personally that “Spirit and Life” which it communicates to those who, like Mother Mary and the Saints, read it with faith. We make this heartfelt prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen

Day 1, Fri 22 Feb: Faith is born and fostered by God’s word

Day 2. Sat 23 Feb: God’s word teaches us what to pray for

Day 3, Sun 24 Feb: Pray the Novena Prayer!

Day 4, Mon, 25 Feb:  God’s word has an inner power to transform

Day 5, Tues, 26 Feb: God’s word both teaches and equips a disciple

Day 6, Wed, 27 Feb: God’s word contains powerful prayers, like this

Day 7, Thurs, 28 Feb: Only God’s word can reveal our true identity

Day 8, First Fri, 1 Mar: God’s word brings deep inner confidence

Day 9, First Sat, 2 Mar: God’s word assures us of God’s active presence

Bible Sun, 3 Mar: Pray the Novena Prayer!


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