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Prayer for Our Nation

O God of Freedom and Love, let your light of truth shine on our Nation, dispelling all darkness and untruth.

Let the dreams of our founding fathers and the values of our Constitution Equality, Liberty and Fraternity - be always held in highest esteem.

Let the people of all castes and creeds, all denominations and persuasions live in harmony and peace steering far away from hatred and violence.

Protect our legislatures as a place of discerning minds. Raise our judiciary as the hallmark of integrity, prudence and justice. Keep our print, visual and social media as the channels of truth for edifying discourses. Protect our institutions from the infiltration of evil forces.

Let the poor of our country be provided with the means of livelihood. Let the dalits, tribals and the marginalized be brought into the mainstream of nation building. Let justice and integrity prevail in every sphere of our life.

May the ethos of true democracy envelop our elections with dignity and the flames of honest patriotism enkindle our political leaders.

Almighty Father, bless our nation with the revival of the Gospel values in the name of your Beloved Son Jesus Christ by sending forth your Holy Spirit.

O Mary our Blessed Mother, who appeared at Fatima, give hope to the struggling nations and intercede for our beloved country. Amen.


Prayer for Our Nation
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