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Switch Back – the story of Job and his incessant faith in the Heavenly Father, in a musical form, presented by St. Blaise Church on 17th/18th March 2018 in the St. Blaise School grounds was not only an experience which was joyful, engaging and captivating, but also an experience of reflection that led to the understanding of the importance of switching from our worldly ways, back to our Heavenly Father. Such was the experience for all who participated, the parish team of fathers and all the parishioners and guests who attended the Musical in large numbers.

In the opening scene, beholding the whole nine yards of a bright blood-stained linen cloth around the cross, the repentant thief descends from paradise to counter the bad thief’s curses. This, sets the ball rolling and prepares the audience for a ‘switch back’. Soon, Job is seen teaching his youngest daughter to pray in a rhythmic and catchy melodic line. The narrative then progresses depicting the reaction of Job’s wife and children to his deeply prayerful life.  Job’s family, was a happy family that lived in a happy home, for they all believed and sang – “For God loves our happy home; yes He’s there for a happy home..”. Enters Satan with his menacing looks and sinister thoughts and thus, the spirituality and faith of Job and his family is put to test. Satan systematically formulates a plan with his gang of demons to attack Job, his family and each and everything that Job had. All of this comes true. Job loses all his belongings, his wife parts ways and is afflicted with sores, but his faith in God does not quiver even a bit, as he painfully sings “I swore my faith and I’ll see it through, God is great and that is true” and indeed, the Almighty God cures him completely, unites him with his wife and answers all his prayers!

Every scene, every song, every action meticulously executed by all actors on stage kept the audience completely captivated and engaged. A total of 32 little children took up the role of ‘Angels’ and joyfully performed on a popular tune with a winsome smile on their faces. The presence of a choir added more charm to the melodious evening and left the crowd musically pleased. All the dance steps were aptly and brilliantly choreographed by some of the very talented young boys and girls of the parish. The strong technical and back-stage support provided by the respective teams was instrumental in the smooth flow of the event. The attendance of the invited guests and parishioners in such large numbers on both the days was very rewarding and uplifting. The presence of the Chief Guests, Mr. Navil Noronha, CEO at D-Mart and his wife on the Day 1 and Rev. Fr. Felix D’souza, Parish Priest of St. Anthony’s Church, Vakola on Day 2 was highly valued and appreciated.  

The dedication of the two Piano Accompaniments, Sarita D’mello and Zeon D’mello, the prowess offered by the Assistant Director, Jennifer Viegas and the scrupulous and excellent management by the Director, Harriet Fernandes was greatly appreciated by Fr. Adrian and his team. More than 60 days of practice, 110 participants (both on-stage and off-stage), support of the many well-wishers by way of donations and/or prayers, the encouragement of the entire parish team of fathers of St. Blaise Church, Amboli, led by the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Adrian Ferreira made “Switch Back – The Musical” not only a possibility, but also a grand success! This spirited program truly facilitated unity and fellowship and brought in more vibrancy, joy and happiness to the parish church of Amboli.

Ashita D’almeida


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