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Bring Out the Inner Child in You

Do you remember the first time you read the story of Jonah and the Fish, and imagined a huge goldfish swallowing a tiny teeny man? Or maybe a clownfish gulping down Jonah like a worm?

This Children’s day, let that childlike imagination run wild!
Pick one of the first Bible stories you’ve heard as a child and show us what you thought it looked like through a doodle.


- Participation is open to all age groups.

- Make sure to mention your names and the parish you belong to in the email.

- No indecent representation of the faith or profanity shall be entertained.

- Entries open until 13th November 2020, 9:00 AM.

- Email your scanned doodles to

- Best entries to feature on our social media pages on Children's Day


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