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CLARIFICATION: Fr. Donald Rodrigues

There have been requests from several of our priests to clarify the position of Fr. Donald Rodrigues, ordained priest of the Archdiocese of Bombay on April 2 , 2005. To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding I am issuing this clarification.

Fr. Donald was granted sabbatical leave; several months later, he presented a letter to me requesting t0 be relieved of priestly duties. I could not persuade him to reconsider the matter because he had made up his mind.

We are aware that he got married on March I, 2021. According to Can 1394 § I he has incurred latae sententiae suspension. He therefore can no longer function as a Catholic priest: offer Mass, administer the Sacraments, etc.

I met him yesterday to explain to him his canonical status. I have given instructions to initiate the process of his laicization. I le has associated himself with the '·Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ". This Church is not in communion with the Holy See.

Hence, Donald Rodrigues is no longer a member of our Presbyterium; but we continue to keep him in our prayers.

+Oswald Cardinal Gracias

Archbishop of Bombay


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