East Indian Catholic Remark

In order to get the 'East Indian Catholic' remark entered in the Remarks Column of his/her Baptism Register, the person concerned could directly approach the Chancellor at Archbishop's House with a letter, addressed to the Parish Priest of their Church of Baptism, requesting him to add the 'East Indian Catholic' remark in the Remarks Column of his/her Baptism Register.

Along with this letter, he/she should also carry with the following documents:

  • The original certificate from either the 'Mool East Indian Sanghatna' or 'The Bombay East Indian Association' stating that he/she is a member of that Sanghatna or Association. Alternatively, he/she could get a letter from any priest who knows him/her and could vouch that he/she is an East Indian.

  • The original or a xerox copy of one's Baptism certificate.

Please note that both, the Baptism Certificate as well as the original membership certificate, will be returned to the parties.


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