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My Experience at the Retreat - Cynthia D’Souza

It was good to hear that we were having a Retreat this year as for two years it was not possible Four of our members from St Anne's Pali Hill registered. The rain did not deter the participants from coming. The Retreat commenced on Oct 7th and ended Oct 9th.

At the orientation talk we were acquainted with the various activities done by the Atma Darshan Centre.

The next day Fr Jomer’s talk on Mother Mary helped us to get a deeper understanding of her role as Mother, intercessor and Queen of Heaven.

The talk on Forgiveness and Healing touched me as I realised how necessary it is to forgive so that we may receive a healing of body and mind. It became clear to me that as we Journey together with Hope and life we must listen to our sisters in need and share their feelings and reach out to others with empathy.

The sharing of some sisters led me to realise that there are many widows who have faced the tough journey of widowhood with strength and grace from God and I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

The Meditation conducted by Fr Tony has helped me greatly to do my own meditation with fervour.

Lorna opened our eyes to the necessity of making a Will and how to establish a good relationship with all around us by being Christ like in dealing with others and humble like Mother Mary.

The Concluding Mass was very solemn and filled us with real Peace.

My friends and I thank God for this experience. The beautiful surroundings of greenery all around helped me to pray better and the comfort of the rooms and food were additional benefits

Thank you to the organisers for this uplifting Retreat. We returned home with the cloak of peace and happiness.

Cynthia D'souza St Anne's Church, Bandra


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