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Inspired by the Spirit - Guidelines

1. Inspired By the Spirit is an Archdiocesan Talent Show, featuring song, dance and stand up comedy.

2. Participants have to be Catholic parishioners of the Archdiocese of Bombay, and performances can be solo, in groups or choirs, with emphasis on talent that is ‘inspired’.

3. Contemporary or secular act/performances are acceptable provided they are done tastefully. However, performances based on Gospel music/Inspirational themes would be preferred. 

4. Participants need to be mindful of their language, dress code, and gestures.

5. Video format: 16:9 ratio (landscape mode); 1080p or 720p video quality preferred and submitted in MP4 or MPEG4 or MOV. 

6. Entries will be accepted between 10th July and 18th July, 2020.

7. Mail your videos: to

8. Selected entries will be streamed on the Archdiocese of Bombay YouTube Channel, every Saturday, 25th July 2020 onwards.

9. No acts inciting negative sentiments against a particular person, community, race, religion or gender will be entertained.

10. The AMCF-Catholic Communication Centre reserves the right to select, edit, use and share the content from all video submissions.


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