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OFFICIAL - Laity Sunday

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Laity Sunday is being celebrated this year on Sunday June 30, 2019.

In a prayer video, Pope Francis said that lay people are on the “frontline” of the Church's life and activity, and asked Catholics to pray for their mission. Pope Francis urges the church to be thankful to the laity who takes "risks”, who are not afraid, and who offer reasons for hope to the poorest, to the excluded and to the marginalized. The Pope's concluding words were, “Let us pray together that the lay faithful may fulfil their specific mission received in baptism so as to put their creativity at the service of the challenges of today's world”.

Laity in the world “making a difference by their involvement”, would be explained in a special issue of the June 29, 2019 Examiner. The Office for Lay Collaboration in Ministry (OLCM) has prepared guidelines, incorporating the liturgy for a meaningful celebration on Laity Sunday. I urge all Parish Priests to celebrate Laity Sunday by using these guidelines, adapted and sent by our Archdiocesan Office for Lay Collaboration in Ministry, praying in a special way for the members of Cells and Associations in the Parish, that they may understand the “Call to Holiness” in today's world.

That same evening on June 30th, the Heads of Cells and Associations from across the archdiocese are invited to gather at Dr. Antonio D'Silva High School Hall, Dadar at 4:30 pm, for an Archdiocesan event, presided over by Bishop Barthol Barretto, Bishop-in-charge of the Laity

June 22, 2019

+ Oswald Cardinal Gracias

Archbishop of Bombay


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