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Statement by His Eminence, Oswald Cardinal Gracias | Telephonic Conversation with Bp. K.A. William

Statement by His Eminence, Oswald Cardinal Gracias, on his on his telephonic conversation with Bishop K.A. William

Transcript of the statement below: Statement by His Eminence, Oswald Cardinal Gracias | Telephonic Conversation with Bp. K.A. WilliamI was very distressed when recently several well-wishers shared with my team some videos and messages that have been doing the rounds on social media. These center around a conversation between Bishop William and myself two years back. After receiving the tape from one of the well-wishers, I have realized that the tape of my conversation has been mischievously edited to give the impression that there was collusion between Bishop William of Mysore and myself for a “cover up”. I categorically, emphatically and totally deny this. In the interest of the truth and for the good of the Church, I am communicating with you directly. I wish to state the following:

  1. I did have a conversation with Bishop William in August 2020.

  2. During that conversation I urged Bishop William that it would be advisable for him to do a paternity test. I impressed on him that several people I know have been disturbed with the rumours going around. This was not good for the Church and the best way to end the controversy was this test. I said so then two years back and I still think so.

  3. Normally, I would not have been in the picture at all. It is the Papal Nuncio who co-ordinates with the Vatican on issues such as this. However, as several had written to me, including people I knew, I was of the opinion that I would help the situation by persuading Bishop William to take the test at a trusted, reputed and above-board Institution like St. John’s Hospital.

  4. I hereby clarify that at no time in the conversation or otherwise have I suggested any action that would be illegal or bring disrepute to the Church. Hearing the entire conversation, one realizes that my focus was on getting Bishop William to take this test.

  5. When you listen to the unedited version of the recording you will also understand that I suggested St. John’s Hospital as it is an institution of credibility. To allay Bishop William’s fears of publicity and manipulation. I assured him that St. John’s could have the requisite controls in place to ensure that there will not be any media leakage or manipulation. At no time did I say or suggest that we can control the outcome of the test. This possibility never ever even crossed my mind. Since Bishop William asserted his innocence, I told him he would stand vindicated if the report came out clear.

  6. I know my mind. I know the intentions behind my words, and hence I have chosen this medium of communication to give clarity to a course of events that has transpired and to ensure that you, my dear people, are made aware of the truth. In the interest of the truth and for the good of the Church, I am requesting my media team to make available the full unedited version of this recording to any of you who may want it.

Do pray for me as I do for you. Keep well. May God bless each one of you and your families. Have a lovely Sunday!


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