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Official - Laity Sunday 2023

Laity Sunday will be celebrated in the Archdiocese of Bombay on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

I take this opportunity to greet and thank all our lay faithful, who by their presence in our Parish Cells, Associations, SCC's, Parich Councils, and other Church bodies, make an invaluable contribution to the life of our parishes, making our parishes active, relevant and vibrant and also give a visibility effect.

THE FABC50 BANGKOK DOCUMENT recently released has the theme "Journeying Together as People's of Asia". This rich document begins with responding to the call of Synodality, made by Pope Francis, and then recognising the challenges confronting the Church in our respective diocese in Asia. It further invites us to listen to what the Spirit is saying, and thus discern how to be bridge builders and instruments of dialogue/reconciliation. This document concludes by suggesting new pathways, and highlighting an incluturated proclamation of the Good News, this giving birth to newer pastoral priorities.

Laity in this Archdiocese "making a difference by their involvement" would be explained in a special issue in The Examiner dates June 24, 2023. The Office for Lay Collaboration in Ministry (OLCM) has prepared guidelines incorporating the liturgy for a meaningful celebration of Laity Sunday. That same evening (June 25), the heads of Cells and Associations will be invited to Antonio da Silva Hall, Dadar for a rally at 4:30 pm, presided by Bishop Barthol and organised by the OLCM.

+Oswald Cardinal Gracias Archbishop of Bombay

June 15, 2023


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